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Anyone without an efficient air conditioner in good working order knows how unbearable the sweltering Australian heat can be. For this reason, the importance of a trustworthy air conditioner that gets the job done cannot be overstated, which is what makes the performance of ducted refrigerated air conditioners so invaluable to those who have them installed in their homes.

There are two types of refrigerated air conditioners on the market for consumers to choose from, and these include ducted refrigerated air conditioners and wall hung refrigerated air conditioners. The primary factor that differentiates these two models is the method of distributing the cool air. The former type, the ducted refrigerated air conditioner, accomplishes this using a duct system, as the name suggests. This delivers the cool air through the home, while a wall hung refrigerated air conditioning system is single room applicable.

The benefit of ducted refrigerated air conditioning over the alternative option includes its quieter operation methods, which allows for quiet climate control in a way that is unobtrusive to the daily operations of a household. Heat is dispersed during the winter, and cooler air is distributed during the summer months, allowing for a comfortable climate all year long.

If a ducted refrigerated air conditioner sounds ideal for your home, then you are not alone. More and more people are choosing to have these systems installed to allow for a more comfortable home life. Here are some of the best models available on today’s market:

Daikin Ducted Air Conditioners

The ducted refrigerated air conditioning unit by Daikin offers a lot of benefits over competing brands. Some of the most noteworthy aspects of this unit’s features include its strengths in cooling and heating entire homes and the fact that it takes up less physical space than other competing models, making it less visually intrusive. This option for a ducted refrigerated air conditioning unit is favoured by many consumers for its flexibility as well, as it can be installed in a new home or made tailor fit to an already-existing home, allowing anyone to enjoy the comfort and convenience of a high-quality and efficient air conditioning unit. This ease and accessibility make Daikin’s Ducted Air Conditioners a preferred option for many consumers.

In addition, the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) in Australia dictate certain requirements to ensure that air conditioners are operating efficiently. Daikin’s models exceed these requirements, resulting in an energy efficient, easy to use, quiet, and reliable solution to air conditioning.


• Compatible with old and new homes
• Cools and heats entire home
• Compact size
• Makes virtually no sound
• Energy efficient

Toshiba Ducted Air Conditioners

Toshiba’s ducted air conditioning systems provide consumers with a suitable method to cool down their home without the necessity of installing units on the wall, allowing users to keep their residences looking clean and neat. The unit gets installed within a confined space, while the ducts are run throughout the ceiling and lead to air outlets in other rooms. From there, air can be let into the room through those vents, which are either on the wall or ceiling.

With a system like this in place, entire residences can be cooled down with the use of one system. Some benefits of Toshiba’s model include the fact that it can be installed with ease and convenience, it operates quietly, and it does not require a lot of maintenance to keep running in tip-top condition. It comes with a 5-year warranty and implements a DC inverter system, which helps it to use energy effectively and efficiently. Overall, this option is great for those looking for something simple that gets the job done.


• Operates quietly
• Provides both heating and cooling
• 5-year warranty
• Low maintenance
• Energy efficient
• Easy to use and install
• Less expensive than some of the competition

Fujitsu Ducted Air Conditioners

The Fujitsu High Static – Three Phase model is a high-quality and advanced method of cooling the home. The smart technology works in three phases, making it extremely energy-efficient and providing you an environment that is comfortable. The smart technology adjusts the temperature to an optimum setting, always keeping you comfortable in your home. The DC fan motors, DC rotary compressors, and the programmable timers built into the system all combine to use less energy than ever before.

Finally, this model also has a unique quality: zone control. Allowing up to 8 zones to be connected, Fujitsu’s ducted air conditioning unit provides individuals with more control over the temperature of their home than ever before.

The company offers a 5-year warranty on their product, giving users peace of mind and assurance that the company is confident in their ducted air conditioning system. Overall, the system comes with a lot of smart features and options for customisability that makes it great for those looking for a ducted refrigerated air conditioning model that is a little bit more advanced.


• Smart technology makes your home comfortable at all hours
• Increased energy efficiency
• Zone control makes for ultimate customizability
• 5-year warranty

Make the Right Choice today!

It can be difficult to decide on the right ducted refrigerated air conditioning model that will suit you and your home best out of all the options available on the market. There may be many factors to consider, such as the age, size, build, and more of the home you would like to have the system installed in.

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Servicing, Repairs and Maintenance

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