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What are best systems?

Evaporating cooling systems are among the most economic and environmentally friendly air conditioning systems on the market. These systems filter and cool natural air and circulate it throughout your home using a system of ducts. Thanks to its natural water-based processes, this system does not dry out the air in your home or emit toxic gasses. This environmentally friendly process produces high-quality, clean, and fresh air that is free of harmful allergens and other contaminants.

In addition to producing natural and clean air, evaporative cooling systems are also highly cost effective. Not only are these system available at great rates, they are also among the most affordable to install. Further, compared to either a refrigerated cooling system or a split system, evaporative cooling is economically efficient to run, allowing you to save money on your electric bill. In fact, they cost on average three times less than refrigerated air conditioning to cool the same square footage.

Today, many different brands offer a variety of systems, but we’ve narrowed it down to the top three. Read on to learn about some of the best systems on the market in order to find the right evaporative air conditioning solution for your home or business.

Bonaire Pinnacle

Australian owned and manufactured, Bonaire is a leader in evaporative cooling technology. Now recognised worldwide for their efficient and innovative systems, Bonaire specifically designed their evaporative coolers to combat Australian temperature conditions. Their Pinnacle model is no exception, offering advanced cooling and unbeatable efficiency.

  • Efficiency and airflow:

Thanks to the Pinnacle’s advanced ImPress® Motor Technology, this system can save you up to 40% on your energy bill compared to a standard motor. Not only is this system economically efficient, but Bonaire’s exclusive Hushwing™ Fan Design allows this cooler to achieve maximum airflow with minimum noisiness.

  • Purity and coolness:

Pinnacle utilises the latest technology and tools to purify the air in your home. To begin, this system features 120mm thick CELdek filter pads, which are recognised worldwide as leading filter material. Bonaire’s pad cleaning function makes it easy to clean your filters as needed in order to keep them in optimal working condition.

Further, Bonaire’s humidity control system allows you to regulate how often these filter pads are moistened, and the precooling function allows your system to pre-moisten the filter pads so that they are ready to create fresh air from the moment you turn on your unit.

In addition to high-quality filters, this system also uses the latest air conditioning technology to electrically charge your home’s air molecules in order to achieve maximum purity.

  • Draining:

The Pinnacle features a water quality sensors that determine when the water in your system needs to be replaced and a self-cleaning EZI drain tank.

  • Controls and ducts:

In addition to the standard wall mount control, this unit can be regulated from a wireless remote, allowing you to control your home’s air-conditioning from the comfort of your armchair.

The Pinnacle also comes standard with Enviroseal® Duct Shutters that can be closed during the colder seasons, when your unit is not in use, in order to insulate your home.

Braemar Supercool

Braemar is another leader in evaporative cooling systems. Similar to Bonaire, Braemar designed their coolers to withstand Australian weather conditions. The Supercool range features the brand’s Australian manufactured Tornado® water pump, which offers maximum durability even in the harshest climates.

  • Efficiency and airflow:

Compared to the standard range, Braemar’s Supercool systems provide 25% more cooling. This is in part thanks to its aerodynamic Stealth® Fan, which allows for consistent and quiet airflow.

With a Supercool unit, you can also achieve maximum efficiency thanks to Braemar’s advanced water management system which allows you to easily regulate your water usage in order to achieve more efficient cooling if desired.

  • Purity and coolness:

All units in the Supercool range feature Long-life Chillcel® pads which offer maximum coolness due to their advanced water absorption capacities. These pads are self-cleaning, which is an important feature to remove dust, pollen, and other allergens that could easily get trapped in your unit’s filter.

  • Draining:

Braemar’s automatic drain valve drains the water reservoir when the unit is not in use. In addition, you can also adjust your unit’s setting so that the fan automatically runs for an extra hour after draining in order to quickly dry your unit. Not only does this feature increase the lifespan of your filter pads, it also prevents the growth of unwanted bacteria or algae.  

  • Controls and ducts:

All Supercool units come with Braemar’s touchscreen MagIQtouch Controller, which allows you to create custom programmes to regulate your air conditioning throughout the day or week. This advanced control system allows you to set up automatic draining and drying, in addition to running diagnostic tests, adjusting your home’s temperature, and setting daily schedules.

Braemar’s AutoWinterseal™ system ensures that your ducts remain securely closed during the winter, maximising heat retention.


Brivis is another outstanding Australian evaporative cooling system manufacturer who has been a leading innovator in the industry for over 50 years. The Promina series is built with both durability and design in mind, built to withstand inclement weather while sporting a low profile.

  • Efficiency and airflow:

The Promina is designed with several efficiency features in mind. In addition to the fan speed sensing which offers quiet and cool airflow, this series includes an advanced water management system that reduces water waste.

Essentially the AutoRefresh water management system allows the Promina series to regulate the amount of fresh water that is being added to the tank. Once the unit has reached a specified number of fills, it begins to flush out the tank and replace it with fresh water. Unlike other units, however, the Promina continues to operate while the water is being recycled and refreshed. This is a more efficient system than the standard dump and fill water management methods used by many other evaporative coolers.

  • Purity and coolness:

Brivis offers up to 130mm thick cooling pads made for maximum freshness and purity. The precooling feature also allows the pads to be moistened before the unit is turned on so that fresh air is available immediately.

  • Draining:

When your unit needs to be drained, the Promina will automatically run its FreshStart setting, that will leave your unit dry and clean. This feature helps the unit reduce its need for seasonal maintenance.

  • Controls and Ducts:

The Brivis Evaporative Cooling Manual Controller allows you to regulate the speed of your unit’s fan, the temperature, and the pump. The Promina can also come with The Brivis Networker (NC-6) Controller which can operate in either automatic or manual mode.

This cooler comes standard with the WinterSeal duct system which prevents heat from escaping in the colder seasons.


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