Endeavour Hills air conditioning, heating and cooling


There are many options when it comes to selecting the best system for your home..

With so many brands and models available on the market, it is sometimes impossible to choose the right heating or cooling solution for you. Fortunately, Aspen Air is here for your needs.

We at Aspen Air work with the most experienced professionals in the Melbourne area in order to help you find the best brands of heating and cooling systems for your needs. We offer a wide variety of heating and cooling systems from top brands such as Braemar, Brivis, Bonaire, Samsung, LG or Panasonic. Each of them caters to your unique needs and is specially designed to keep you warm during the cold winter months or cool during the hot summer months.

In addition to providing you with a comprehensive list of products from world-class brands, our experienced staff is keen on guiding you step by step through the best solutions available to you. Additionally, they are eager to explain you the difference between all the systems such as hydronic and gas ducted heating, respectively multi head, reverse cycle, splits or evaporative cooling. Our technicians are fully trained to teach you the basics of these installations and they are also well equipped to install these brands in your home.

Servicing, Repairs and Maintenance

Ideally your system should be serviced or maintained every 18-24 months. If you have an old system and you’d like us to check it for you then contact us today.

Call us now on 1300 661 861 for a free no obligation quote on a new heating system or repairs.

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Family Owned Company

Aspen Air is a family owned corporation whose aim is to treat its clients with an outstanding level of respect and care. We do value all our customers’ needs and care for their wellbeing. When it comes to heating and cooling in Melbourne, we are the best.

We provide high-quality services at a very competitive price. However, that doesn’t mean the lowest price on the market. Many so-called “businesses” simply enter the market with cheap quotes, but they go out of business even faster. This is quite an alarming trend in the Australian heating & cooling industry.

Personalised Services

Because your needs and preferences are super important to us, we strive to go above and beyond to provide you with the single best product for you. Whether it’s a heater, a cooling system or an air conditioner, we can provide you a recommendation based on your needs. We will never sell you the most profitable cooler or heater, but we will adapt our offer to your specific needs. Additionally, we will continue to offer you precious advice even after the sale is completed.