How much does evaporative cooling cost to run?


Evaporative cooling is the most cost-effective, efficient form of ducted cooling available to protect homes and their occupants from hot temperatures that range anywhere from mildly uncomfortable to scorching. While cooling systems are all but necessary in extremely warm conditions, choosing the right system is a choice, and choosing an evaporative cooling system is the best way to cool homes using a process that will save money and produce top results. Click here to learn more about evaporative cooling.

Many people find themselves wondering, “How much does evaporative cooling cost to run?” The cost-effective component of investing in evaporative cooling over other forms is a standout consideration all home-buyers should be paying attention to when it comes to keeping homes cool. Evaporative cooling traditionally runs at a low cost that gives all homeowners the opportunity to make major savings on energy bills. The installation of this form of cooling over others is the most budget-friendly, involving minimal investment while also maximizing cooling efficiency.

Additionally, while buyers are saving money on their energy bills, those that invest in evaporative cooling systems are also helping the environment. Because the cooling is a natural water-based process, there are no harmful gases emitted. The natural evaporation process also does wonders for individuals suffering from allergies, hay fever, and asthma due to its ability to not dry the air out. Furthermore, evaporative cooling systems still allow homeowners to let in natural air and sunlight by keeping windows and doors open – encouraging a positive relationship with the refreshing qualities nature has to offer while still being able to maintain cool indoor temperatures.

The specific cost to install and operate evaporative cooling systems is impressively low. In fact, the cost of installation can be up to 50% cheaper than that of refrigerated cooling, and up to three times cheaper to run. Although refrigerated cooling systems are popular, unfortunately there still exists the misconception that they are one of the better – if not the best – forms of cooling. To provide a specific example, the typical Bonaire cooling system has a running rate of costing 12 cents per hour. This blows other costly forms of cooling such as split system air conditioning and ducted refrigerated air conditioning away. Many people do not realise how significant the costs are of using these cooling systems, but by switching to an evaporative cooling system, this can be prevented while producing the same results.

Finally, how exactly does a homeowner go about getting an evaporative cooling system installed and running? That’s where Aspen Air comes in. Offering the most competitive prices in Melbourne, Aspen Air stocks the highest-quality air conditioning systems and has the knowledge and expertise to help customers cool their homes and save money. Aspen Air is a family-run business with over 30 years of experience under their belt. At Aspen Air, the staff is dedicated to providing customers with satisfactory service while emphasizing the many benefits that come with choosing evaporative cooling systems over other forms of cooling.

So if you are looking for a cost-effective, efficient cooling system call Aspen Air today! Customers can book a free home assessment simply by calling 1300-661-861.

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