How often should evaporative cooling be serviced


Getting an evaporative cooling system installed and running within a home is just the first step. While having it installed is indeed an important step, because it is in constant use, evaporative cooling systems require service checks in order to keep all parts up to date and to check to ensure that the system is functioning correctly. Go here to find out more about evaporative cooling.

The recommendations for how often evaporative cooling should be serviced depends on the brand and model. The general recommendations to ensure maximum efficiency may range from checks on an annual basis to having the cooling system checked every 2-3 years. To be able to tell which, it is best to ask those who have installed the system, or refer to any manual provided.

What does a service check for evaporative cooling system typically entail? While basic cleaning or eyeball-checks can be done by the homeowner on a regular basis, having a professional come in to check the system is essential to inspect more specific functions. One of the services provided during a professional check is a general washing of the system’s filter pads and drain valve. They should also include inspections of the water level in the reservoir and the belt tension within the system. Checking the filter pads is important because the cooling efficiency of the system depends on making sure the pads are receiving a uniform wetting, due to it being a tell-tale sign of how much water is being evaporated. It is also important for efficiency purposes that the pads continue to remain wet.

However, the primary goal is to make sure there are no signs of wear or damage. Failing to have an evaporative cooling system checked on a yearly or bi-annual basis may be costly if the system does turn out to show damage. Scheduling maintenance checks gives homeowners a better chance of both preventing damage to the cooling system by catching the problem beforehand, or finding the issue and rectifying it in a prompt manner. If there is indeed damage, service may include a replacement or simple repair. The individual performing the service check will be able to provide each customer with specified information regarding what is required to fix any particular problem. As experienced professionals, it is their job not only to perform their job but also inform, especially if there are any additional steps the homeowner can take on a regular basis to keep their system in check and working efficiently.

Although homeowners may be tempted to leave the system alone and forsake regular checks, doing so does no good in keeping their cooling system in top shape. Continuing to use a malfunctioning cooling system that is not reaching the peak efficiency it has to offer threatens owner satisfaction in its inability to keep individuals cool within their homes.

To have a maintenance service check on your evaporative cooling system, make sure to call Aspen Air at 1300-661-861.

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