Making your evaporative cooling system run more efficiently


Evaporative cooling systems have various benefits, including low cost and its natural water-based process, but their usefulness leaves something to be desired if they are not operating at their full potential. Fortunately, keeping evaporative cooling systems in check and working their best is not a Herculean task. If issues arise with an evaporative cooling system that hinder its functioning, there are steps users can take to restore or increase its effectiveness to provide satisfactory results. Learn more about evaporative cooling here.

First, when it comes to evaporative cooling systems in particular, the air conditioning process requires some doors or windows to be open in the home. This is because, as the cooled air within the home cannot be recirculated, the air needs some way to escape. As this is done, the cool air is then distributed throughout the home, which is one way of how to make your evaporative cooling system run more efficiently.

The exact process of an evaporative cooling system, such as the popular brand, Breezair, includes: first, the unit draws hot air from outside, then the hot air from outside is pumped through the system’s water-soaked pads, and through the evaporation process, the cooled air is then distributed throughout the home. Because the air is filtered by the system, the cooled air dispersed within the home is free from impurities that may otherwise be found in the air outside.

Having regular maintenance checks scheduled for evaporative cooling systems is another imperative measure to take in order to keep the system working at maximum efficiency. Although more thorough checks may not be required for the system more than once a year, any homeowner that has concerns about their cooling system should contact a professional to ensure that if there is an issue with the system, it may be resolved promptly. The sooner an issue can be diagnosed, the less trouble it will cause. Doing so is cost-effective in the long run as well, as trouble may arise if a malfunction goes undetected for too long.

Other simple methods of keeping an evaporative cooling system working efficiently include:

  • Regular, general cleaning by the owner – mostly when it comes to the filters.
  • Closing off the vents during winter to reduce the likelihood of heat loss.
  • Because the evaporative cooling process is more effective in drier environments lower in humidity, turning off the water supply to the cooler and running only the fan on days of higher humidity can continue to produce effective results on those evenings, once the outside air has cooled down.

Choosing an evaporative cooling system for a home can provide many benefits, and keeping it working at its greatest efficiency can be simple and produces satisfactory air conditioning for all within the home.

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