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Gas ducted heating is a mechanism popular in Australia for establishing a warm environment within an office or private residence. These are central heating systems installed with various components to manage the warmth within the entire interior premises. Though electric reverse cycle air conditioners are also available for the same purpose, yet gas ducted heating systems are more popular for various reasons.

In Australia people are inclined towards using gas ducted heating systems since its proven to emit comparatively less green houses gases than other market available heating mechanisms. Gas ducted heating is an instant solution for warm heating within all your rooms inside the house. Under severe cold climatic conditions gas ducted heating mechanism have proved to be more efficient in compared to electric reverse cycle air. The emission rate of gases is studied to be much less according to the Australian Gas association.

Easy and convenient controlling of heating.

Choose Your Ducting System

While adhering to a gas deducted heating system is a wise decision since it is cost effective, efficient, one time investment, choosing which brand to install is a hard decision. In Australia there are several brands offering gas deducted heating systems that would efficiently provide warm climatic environment. The two top most consumers preferred brands in Australia are Brivis and Braemar.

Brivis vs Braemar

Efficiency: Introduced in the market in 2012 Braemar gas ducted heating system captured the market quite convincingly and was star rated as 6. In rapid succession its modified model Super 6 was out in market. The Super 6 model of Braemar was specially designed in a power saving technology and proved to minimize electric consumption by 10 to 20% on a monthly basis. Brivis ducting systems are also similarly reputed with 6 star rating and high end efficiency. A wider range of models under this brand provides optimum choice options.

Inbuilt Softair system in Baemar: There is an inbuilt soft air fan system inside a Baemar gas ducted heating system. This unique feature enables these machines to control cold swift drafts of air. Once the machine is on, it ensures to remove any existing cold air draft to ensure even heating of the room.

“ICE” Cooling in Brivis: Again compared to Braemar, Brivis is also featured with unique additional technology of ICE cooling that enables you to control better cooling and warming, that is total temperature control throughout the year. Temperatures can be controlled from the same ducted control panel.

Braemar has recently introduced its latest 7 star ducted gas heating system and claims it to be world’s first such 7 star unit. Though there is barely much difference between these two highly acclaimed brands, yet users can select according to some distinct features. Even the price ranges of the two brands are in some parity. However, star ratings are highly regarded by users looking for the best buy. Thus the end line is that since it is onetime investment of around $3,500 to $5,000 one might consider installing additional feature units to enhance central heating system. However, all said price range and budget is also an essential factor behind taking the final decision in brand consideration.

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