Gas Ducted Heating Energy Star Ratings – What do they mean?


gas ducted heating ratings

Gas ducted heating is a new heating method commonly used in Australia for those people who really need to save money in their homes by adopting the best heating methods. You will always be certain that your family will save a lot of money during the process for those who may be interested in adopting an environmentally friendly way of heating their homes.

The government of Australia has always encouraged the people of Australia to use gas ducted heating since it comes with numerous benefits. It is an effective way of ensuring that you do reduce the amount of energy consumption that you. Want to learn more about gas ducted heating?

What are the benefits of Gas ducted heating?

Here are some of the benefits of Gas ducted heating when you need to use it when heating:

  • The Australian Gas Association did some research to found out that gas ducted a central heating produced just one third of the total emissions of heating that is produced by the black coal-generated electricity. This makes it a natural and safe form of electricity that you can use whenever you need to get the best electricity power options.

  • When the temperatures gets really cold outside, using a reverse cycle systems may result in lost efficiency whereas Braemar ducted gas systems can keep the home warm whenever you need it.

  • Ducted gas heating also provides instant warmth, which will not dry out your eyes.

  • Ducted gas heating can heat your entire home – while delivering lovely warm air via unobtrusive vents right to the floor or ceiling

  • You obtain fingertip control – decreasing or increasing the temperature that will suit you as well as your family.

However, you must learn on the above benefits of Gas ducted heating as this will determine your lifestyle as well as that of your family members. You will also save up to thousands of dollars in terms of electricity bills that you would pay.

What is the Energy Star Rating?

Energy Star is the government-backed and trusted symbol for energy efficiency. It assists people to save money while protecting the environment through the energy-efficient practices and products.

Certified products must always deliver the performance and features demanded by customers, in addition to the increased energy efficiency. Energy efficiency can always be achieved by the broadly available non-proprietary technologies that are offered by many manufacturers. Labeling is always an effective way of differentiating products that are visible for purchasers.

From Braemar

“In Australia, there is an Energy Rating Labelling scheme designed to help consumers choose energy efficient appliances.

The labels display a star rating for energy efficiency and annual energy consumption in MJ/m3 per year – the higher the number of stars, and the lower the energy consumption, the more efficient the appliance, meaning greater annual savings on your running costs. On average an increase of one equates to an average usage saving of approximately 10 percent.

For ducted gas heaters, currently the star rating system has a minimium of one star and a maximum of six stars.”

What do the energy star ratings mean for you?

Most people do not know the meaning of these star ratings. In summary you need to balance up the initial cost of the unit against the annual savings on your running costs.

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