Is gas ducted heating expensive to run?


beat the melbourne cold

Why opt for an expensive room heater which heats only a part of your home when you can go for a more efficient and inexpensive option? The ducted gas heating system is a fantastic way to warm your entire home without burning your pockets. This is primarily because the ducted gas system doesn’t depend on direct heat. Instead, it employs a heat exchanger. This heat exchanger does not use flame to warm air and hence produces safer, cheaper and environmentally friendly air.

How Much Will It Cost?

The costs of owning a ducted gas system can be broken down into three major parts. It is very important to acknowledge the fact that your location and heating requirements will accordingly vary expenses. Gas supply and electricity will add up a little as running costs. But the overall value of such a system is unbeatable. Imagine having multiple heaters installed all over your house. The expense of heating your home the conventional way is unreasonable. Moreover, a typical heater will emit high volumes of CO2 gas.

But how does a ducted gas heating system save big on running costs? A ducted gas heating system is capable of running on natural gas. Natural gas is environmentally friendly and inexpensive. Whereas, heating solutions that rely on LPG or the raw power of electricity, will always be expensive. It would also be a great idea to make sure that your ceiling and walls are well insulated – that way the heating effect produced by your unit will last longer. All things considered, these systems have the potential to beat traditional heaters by a long way in all benchmarking results.

Gas ducted systems are proven and tested to save more than $500 on an average in a year. While the initial cost of buying a heating unit might be at the $1000 mark, here is a fact that will drop your jaw – it costs just $8.48 for a fourteen hour continuous heating marathon with typical systems. User friendly and easy to install – we guarantee hassle free heating. Furthermore, there will be no harmful emissions.

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Let’s take a look at some amazing benefits of using our ducted gas systems:

  1. Great energy efficiency – all our ducted gas heating products are designed to consume very low energy allowing you to flexibly use the heating feature at your will. No need to worry about those bills and schedule your heating hours.

  2. Great performance in all sorts of cold weather. Quick results and easy maintenance. Plus, it is a whole lot cheaper than reverse cycle heating.

  3. All our products come with great warranty and service options. We are just a single call away from helping you out with technical snags and other heating issues.


Cleaner, cheaper and safer air is the future. You only need to ask yourself – is it really worth paying top dollar for warm air? We are a dedicated company that strives to provide the best possible heating solutions to the Australian public at affordable costs


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Servicing, Repairs and Maintenance

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