The best way to heat your home


beat the winter cold 

If you’re thinking about building a new house or simply giving your home a face lift, most probably you’re wondering: “What is the best way to heat my home?” Well, there isn’t a better method to keep your home comfortable in the cold winter months than a gas ducted heating system (click here to read more). Ordinary heating systems usually alternate from freezing you at one instance and then literally roasting you at the other. This is because they depend on direct or radiant heating, which is not exactly what you want if you are looking for reliability.

Efficient, affordable, friendly

In comparison, the air used to provide warmth to your house in a ducted gas heating system hasn’t been subjected to naked flames, but rather has been conveyed using a heat exchanger. Air from the heat exchanger is distributed throughout your home via ducts installed on the floor or ceiling – depending on your home – and outlets that are ingeniously concealed from sight in every room.

This is advantageous because it gives your home sufficiently warmed air that’s completely free of any impurities or combustion products. A ducted heater has very fast warming cycles plus comparatively low installation cost, which makes the heating system super efficient, affordable and environment friendly. Moreover, ducted gas heaters offer better performance than their closest competition – reverse cycle heating. This is because if the weather outside gets painstakingly cold, reverse cycle heaters lose efficiency. However, ducted gas heating systems maintain the warmth you desire, however cold it may be outside.

Cut down on energy bills

Presently, many homes are feeling the pinch of that is high electricity bills. Energy costs have rocketed in the last several years. It’s thus important to pay attention to the energy efficiency rating of ducted gas heaters. Some gas ducted systems have energy efficiency ratings as high as 7 star. We can help you install an unbelievably energy efficient ducted gas heating unit that will help you slash your monthly energy costs by up to more than half. We have heater units that have efficiencies that were considered impossible to achieve only several years ago, but it’s now all possible by combining breakthrough technology and new age thinking.

Expert heater service provider

A heating system is arguably the most expensive installations you’ll make in your home. It is crucial that you talk to our heating systems specialists if you want to invest in a heater, so that you’re certain to make the right commitment.

We are always open to full consultations with our clients to ascertain that we completely understand their needs, and that we help them make the right decisions. Additionally, we have the widest range of top quality home heating units. With our many years of experience providing Australian homeowners with heating and cooling systems, you can be guaranteed that we will get it right for you. We have exceptionally talented, helpful and passionate staffers who understand all aspects of keeping your home warm, no matter the weather outside.

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Servicing, Repairs and Maintenance

Ideally your system should be serviced or maintained every 18-24 months. If you have an old system and you’d like us to check it for you then contact us today.

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